Monday, January 11, 2010

Annual Online Photo Exhibition 2009 Best of my Photography

Showcasing my first online photo exhibition. This is what have acheived in past 1 Yr. I started photography in late 2008 . This album contains some of my best shots. i have finally chosen 20 best out of 200+ , focussed upon nature and inanimate, not started people and portraits, work on it this yr


Kindly rate every pic out of 10 n also suggest a good caption..


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Opulently I assent to but I dream the collection should have more info then it has.

Anonymous said...

You have to express more your opinion to attract more readers, because just a video or plain text without any personal approach is not that valuable. But it is just form my point of view

Anonymous said...

i easily love your own posting type, very exciting,
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Prakhar said...

@ above.. may i know who u are ?

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