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Rohtang... unravelled

One of the most famous destination of tourist, Rohtang Pass is situated at an altitude of 3,978 m, 51 KM from Manali, is a high mountain pass that connects the Kullu Valley with the Lahul and Spiti valleys of Himachal Pradesh. Heavy traffic jams and overexited tourists is a common site here. Thse are some pics away from all rush...

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Thats wall paint !!!!!


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Great Himalayan National Park

The Himalayas have been a source of awe and inspiration for millennia to countless individuals. They are the largest, tallest and geologically youngest mountains on our planet. In India, they are the Dehvbumi--the home of the gods. The Himalaya are also one of the most fragile mountain regions of the world and hold an enormous repository of biological diversity which is increasingly under pressure from human activities. ..

undiscovered lands

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


A closer look can change it all. Here are some photos of some ordinary objects taken closely and result was a bit unordinary!!

Thats curtain!!.. Doesn,t look like . The sunrays provided that glow it needed


curtain again

it was trapped


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Friday, June 5, 2009


                                                    Some selected shots taken by me. 
                     This shot is taken in the morning 5:30 AM. Light conditions were exacly perfect....





A nice time pass, playing with matchsticks !!.. The main credit goes to photography 

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